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"The authority has no political limitation on cross-border marriage, but, practically, we can only expect them to promote the nongovernmental contacts and youth interaction between the two countries here and now." In 2016, some Chinese matchmaking agents started to organize for their male clients — with "being financially successful" as the only selection criterion for participating — travel to Russia for romance and marriage, reported the newspaper.Regardless of the actual success rate, which is yet to be confirmed, the high expectation of those clients comes with high price tags.In her experience, Chinese overseas students in Russia remain a very small group compared with cohorts surging in Western countries.The cross-border intermarriage trend between China and Russia, in addition to increasing Chinese migration into Russia in recent years, has also raised some eyebrows about China's growing influence in Russia — using suitcases and marriage certificates instead of politics.During the most recent trip organized by Chinese agent Golden Marriage in Vladivostok, a Russian city not far from Russia's borders with China, five of the 10 Chinese single men were matched successfully with a future spouse.As China and Russia usher in a sub-national cooperation exchange, the two countries are also extending their cooperation to nongovernmental levels and deepening their friendship through facilitating personal connections. With Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui's public speech early this month highlighting that China and Russia are stepping into a new era, more Chinese agencies are catering to the dating interests of Chinese men seeking attractive Russian women."We usually send our Chinese clients to small Russian cities in the far eastern area, because it is economically less developed.

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More than a normal transnational dating tour, the agent has enriched the process of the "international marriage fair" with extras ranging from introducing bilateral intermarriage history to offering training sessions for Chinese and Russian etiquette to attendees.You might also be interested in our casual dating category!At Free Dating Australia, we are committed to connecting the Australian Asian community thanks to our Asian dating category."Moreover, as China has more marriageable men than women, encouraging Russian girls to marry into China can well alleviate the gender imbalance concern in China." Imbalanced gender ratio The Moskovskij Komsomolets, a Moscow-based daily newspaper, released an article titled "Russian men in shortage: Chinese group blind date tour in Russian" [English translation] to suggest that China's export of "leftover" bachelors appears to be a solution to the current imbalanced gender ratio in Russia.A piece by the People's Daily Overseas Edition released data in 2017 estimating that around 15 million men in China between the ages of 35 and 59 will not be able to find wives by 2020. He and labels his business "very promising in the future." Calling for more support from authorities, Lin wishes that encouragement measures for Sino-Russian marriage could be "finally written into the Belt and Road program." Sun Zhuangzhi, an expert in Sino-Russian relationships from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, does not see any possibility of taking intermarriage formally into the Belt and Road national strategy.Golden Marriage recently started a "Sino-Russian Transnational Marriage Fair" in Vladivostok."The Russians living here have a lot of contact with the Chinese.A keyword search for "China-Russia transnational marriage" on Baidu, the leading searching engine in China, shows various dating agencies providing massive opportunities for "Chinese rich single men" to find their "perfect transnational marriage," as read on a web advertisement by the agent.At China's doorstep Russia is now at China's doorstep.Such tours, however, drew wide criticism on Chinese social media and were accused of human trafficking as "a fancy international prostitution ring." "In the name of helping 'elite single men' get a successful transnational marriage, such transactions materialize Russian women and abuse the pure relationship," read one comment on Chinese social media Sina Weibo.Tatyana, a Russian woman who owned a China-based dating agency, revealed to the Global Times that illegal agents even pay "Russian brides" to scam those men who crave exotic women during so-called singles' tours.


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