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The Times Literary Supplement writes : “ In no othei periodical can there be found so many expressions of opinion by well-known people on Indian questions." The study of Far Eastern problems has for a long time been a regular feature of the Asiatic Review. Events in Malaya, the Netherlands Indies, French Indo- China, Ceylon and the Near and Middle East are frequently discussed. To East & West Lm, 3 Victoria Street, London, S, W. Central Provinces and Bern ••a mm mm m 140—161 Madras •* *■* mm M mm Ml 163—183 North-West Frontier Province m mm mm Ml 185—191 Orisisa — M M *m mm mm 192—193 Punjab *•* -* Ml - mm m 195—211 Sad •* ~ - mm mm mm 213—215 United Provinces — ~ mm mm Ml mm 217—239 Members of the Provincial Services who are holding posts ordinarily reserved for the Civil Service of India •• ~ mm 240-249 COVISSHMEN® ox Dtnl AS Foreign and Political Department Ml m* mm 250—252 Survey of India •* — - • a mm mm 262—255 Geological Survey of India M Mr mm ft* m 255 Botanical Survey of India' ..

Recent contri- butors include : Philip Burtt, Hugh Byas, Su-Lee Chang, O. Green, Genchi Kato, Yosuke Matsuoka, Judge Masataro Miyake, Capt Arata Oka, Dr. On the Netherlands I~d s coi ' ibu f, ons b following have appeared m 1936 M . i Date Phase send ** The Asiatic Review *’ fa Tw lm Mown "'iw/itrg with to far which J enclose equivalent {One Pound sterling).

Ahmad, K , If* A „ m f; ud ; din ’ Ei » n sah Ahmad, Khan Sahib, Sayeed Ahmad, Mr.

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dnl W ajid, Maulvi dul Wall, Qazi dulla-Al-Mahmood dnlla, Abu Sayieed, K.

i WE ASIATIC REVIEW {p HE articles in the Asiatic Review are written by T trained observers, with long experience of the problems they discuss, and accustomed to present their facts in an unbiased manner. Motors India Limited, Sewn, Bom- bay for all iafonnatioru When yon go on leave why not have a car that will be as much at home on the mofossil roads as the Kingston By-Pass.

Their names are an index of experts on the subject which they treat. Have a Vauxhall— -the only British car with Knee Action, Turret Top, Hydraulic Brakes and All- Weather Ventilation.

Mir 458 Abdul Majid 309 Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Arbab 46 , Abdul Majid, Maulavi 22(a) Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Khan 46 { Abdul Majid, Moha 23 Abdul Ghafur 526 Abdul Majid 530 Abdul Ghafur Khan 395 l Abdul Majid Khan Bahadur . 397(b) 1 Abdul Majid, Shaikh » « 316 Abdul Ghani, Moulvi Mohd.

605 Abdul Hakeem 22(a) Abdul Quadir, Sayid 299 Abdul Hakim 60, 60(c) Abdul Bab Khan, M, 46 Abdul Hakim 530 Abdul Rab, Mian 52 Abdul Hakim, Khan Sahib .


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