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Or maybe a good lie would have turned me off as I would totally lose my respect for him. Well, all I could do is isolate myself for some days thinking and analyzing the situation, until Lisa finally convinced me to go out and start having some fun again.

They tend to measure the respect to themselves and to others by how honest they are.My experience has showed that Aquarian guys are in most cases very good looking indeed. Being active and initiative is not a good alternative either, since they can easily push you away while gently blaming you for impatient temperament. She instantly spotted an Aquarian once, who later turned to be one of her 2012 dates, by him answering to the question ‘What are you doing after that?Being lost in their aloofness and intellectualism though, they can't ever conceive they were approached by a lady initially because of their good looks -Only. ’ meaning the event they were attending, with 'I have to think about it'. Still under Aquarian spell, she kept looking for ways to bridge the differences and find some common space-time.We didn’t meet or call each other daily (I was perfectly pleased with that) but I would sleep at his place and he would give me a lift to the college before he would go to work.One morning like this, after a hot night at his place, I noticed love bites on his neck." answer something like ‘ups and downs’ or ‘as usual’, leaving no space for any playful elaboration.There is an antidote, however, being a good amount of intelligent humor.For me this is an understandable and commonplace strategy for dealing with personal troubles, but how can you explain that to an energetic, extravagant Leo who will go out to drink, dance, and flirt when things seem to not feel that good?Seriously it cannot be explained directly but fortunately Leos can also be tolerant enough to accept it despite their lack of direct understanding.It is a paradox, even astrologically, why Aquarius men are so often so stereo-typically Aquarian.I'm talking of those disturbingly aloof, allergic to commitment and extensive communication, who keep yo-yo-ing between being close and distant. But this is maybe what makes them so mysteriously attractive, apart from their generally good looks. But they play differently, and above all, they play in their own terms and rules. Advanced mind games based on testing one’s tolerance to freedom, friendship as an indication of pure love, and of course testing the degree of happiness that can be achieved by an orgasm. Lisa complained they think too much about everything.


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