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It represents wealth or status which is why the renegade elves are looking for it throughout the film.This is also the case for the thugs who sought its power. Both parties, however, learn that what you have doesn’t equate to happiness. If you look closely, you don’t see any interracial dating between the difference races except in the human race.One article was entitled “Loiras da TV: as apresentadoras platinadas que fazem sucesso (TV’s blondes: the successful platinum colored hosts)” and the other “As dez apresentadoras de TV mais bonitas do Brasil (The ten most beautiful TV hosts)”.By its title, the first article is blatant in its promotion of blond beauty.Despite what they call a “terrible” movie, “Bright” seems to be a hit amongst regular people like us—securing a 93% on Google Review!#Bright’s non-commercial success is mainly due to the fact that certain characters and systems in the film are metaphors for principalities and systematic issues that we are dealing with here in the United States.

Research shows that 86% of television hosts and 93% of journalists on Brazilian television programs are white.

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Which leads to the question of why there are so few Afro-Brazilians studying in the field of communications in universities and the further discussion of the battle over affirmative action policies to give more black Brazilians access to a college education.

In regards to the other article, it’s obvious why there are no Afro-Brazilians on the list of “TV’s blonds”.


  1. I have friends who are married and they receive a lot hate, but they are so happy and in love. I think its so cute. I never got the chance to do any interracial dating but I'm totally not against it. I think its beautiful that two people from different backgrounds can come together and find love in a world with shuns it.

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  3. They also fear that it might "catch on," meaning more black women would not limit their dating pool to just black men but would now be open to any interracial dating. Linda Keres Carter is also right in that it could be due to some sort of sexist mentality, where only the male is allowed to step out of the "racial line" but the.

  4. Apr 25, 2010. You should also be aware that you will get looks and maybe even comments from the races of your partner, as with any interracial dating situation. Holding hands while walking through Chinatown always gets attention, and you feel like you should write an explanation on your forehead for people to read!

  5. Dec 6, 2012. and use that as an example as to why to scrutinise other interracial datingthat is an unhealthy trend and it implies there is something wrong with any interracial dating now it becomes open season on scrutinising any interracial dating, since celebrities have their lives more looked at, they get put up on.

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