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Anne hathaway steve carell dating

She discusses how she tackles comedy roles, working with Steve Carell and her thoughts on plastic surgery with Ellie Genower Anne Hathaway might look as pretty as a picture but she's made of stern stuff.The perky brunette didn't flinch when it came to performing action scenes wearing a tight dress and a pair of killer heels in new spoof comedy movie Get Smart.

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"We were trying to find a look where you could walk down a runway or fight ninjas.

‘It’s a situation where the rug was pulled out from under me all of a sudden,’ Hathaway admits.

‘But just as suddenly, my friends threw another rug back under me.

Age gap: 20 years This film hits a few tropes: it is a TV show repurposed for a movie, an older man dating a younger woman, and a woman who is clearly smarter than the man she is dating.

Anne Hathaway plays Agent 99, an experienced and knowledgeable agent for CONTROL.


  1. Actresses Whose Movie Love Interest. Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell. and a woman who is clearly smarter than the man she is dating. Anne Hathaway.

  2. He received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in the Television Comedy Series for his lead role of Michael Scott for the American television series

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