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Am i a bad person for dating a married man

For one, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of heartache and anguish.If you really like the guy but he ends up using you, you are going to feel hurt and rejected. he may spurn your affections and remain loyal to his wife. He sends you flowers, calls to check in with you throughout the day, just because. native and an alumnus of the University of the District of Columbia and University of Maryland where she earned a B. And oh, how caring he is—the most understanding man and the best listener you’ve ever met.This could cause you to receive threats from jealous wives or even, if he decides to end it, the man you were dating.And if you love a married man but he is unwilling to leave his wife and family, then you may have to reconcile with the fact that you have to share him with another woman.

Sometimes, despite all the warnings in your head, you may find yourself falling in love with a man who is already married.If, on the other hand, the man’s marriage is rocky and you think the two of you share a connection, then you might consider opening up to him about your feelings. If he has an unstable marriage, then wait and see if he separates or divorces her. If you are the type of person that has no problem being “the other woman”, then you should pursue the affair if he is interested and if he is not satisfied in his marriage.This is the toughest dilemma in falling in love with a married man. If you want to date a married man, what do you want to gain from the affair? You’ll know him from the nice suit (that his wife bought him for Christmas), the tan lines from the wedding ring that now resides in his breast pocket, and the sob story about the overbearing, under-caring burden he voluntarily shackled himself to umpteen years ago. Ladies, if you’re on the singles scene long enough, you’ll undoubtedly attract the attention of a married man or two.Best Approach to Find Executive Singles on This is very important because whether he knows or not determines how you proceed. You should only admit how you feel if you think there is a good chance that they might feel the same way about you.If he does not know how you feel, then you need to consider if you should tell him or not. If the guy that you are in love with is happily married to a wonderful woman, then you should just keep your feelings to yourself and consider it as one of life’s unfair tragedies. Are you the type of person that can live with that kind of blame? If the answer is no, then you should not pursue the relationship, even if the man is interested in you.This can be equally devastating, not to mention embarrassing.Another point to consider is that if people find out you may be labeled with many negative words such as “tramp”, “homewrecker” and other less than polite titles.Falling in love with a married man can have some severe social consequences.It can leads to heartache, frustration, and can even break up a good marriage.


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