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Af am dating disasters

He ended up being asked to go to bed after four members of staff chased him and one managed to dive and grab the keys." "At one wedding, the bride went to put on her dress and it didn't fit (it was a corset back with the flap that pulls across under it, but she had gained weight and the flap didn't go all the way across her back anymore).Her mum started hysterically yelling at her daughter saying she warned her she was getting fat and should have stopped eating so much. I had to kick the mum out of the room and take control of the situation.Luckily the hotel sheets were a close enough ivory, so we cut a piece from the sheets to use as the fabric under the corset threading and it was passable.I kept the mum away from the poor bride all day." "Two little boys were ring bearers and it was time for them to walk down the aisle and the littler one (probably three years old) just stood there.Screams at the police when they arrive to do something.

Lines up the guests, asks each one publicly how much they gave her.

"I once was threatened by the father of the bride and had the [police] haul him off all because his daughter didn't pay for a cake, so I didn't make it. You do your down payment after we agree on design/flavours from the tasting, and then sign a contract.

In that contract it states that if the cake isn't paid for in advance, I don't make it.

The groom got a text message from his best man's wife the morning of the wedding just saying she hoped the boys had fun the night before and she wished him the best of luck on his big day (she couldn't attend bc of work and had known the groom for about five years longer than he had known his then fiancé).

Bride saw the message bc she had an app that apparently sent all of his messages to her phone and accused him of having an affair. Really the start of a wonderful marriage." "It was about pm when the groom came up to me to say thank you for the day.


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