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Traffic violations can take time to process, so you will need to wait a week or two before contacting the Mississippi county clerk's office handling your citation in order to find out the fine associated with the traffic ticket and exactly where and how you can pay the fine.The citation itself will provide you with the needed contact information for each individual Mississippi county clerk's office.The reason it is important to pay your traffic violation fine on time is that failure to meet Mississippi timing deadlines will result in automatic suspension of your Mississippi driving privileges.In addition to having your Mississippi driving privileges suspended merely for paying your initial fine late, you will need to pay an additional 0 to have your Mississippi driving privileges reinstated.Keeping your Mississippi driving record clear is a good idea for several important reasons.In addition to preventing burdensome fines, your clean Mississippi driving record makes it much less likely that a Mississippi court will suspend or revoke your Mississippi driving privileges should you be negligently involved in a serious and avoidable traffic accident or other traffic violation.

Mississippi county clerk offices manage payment of traffic ticket fines, so if you receive a traffic ticket in Mississippi you will have to contact the local county clerk's office in the county or city where you incurred the moving violation.If you are a juvenile driver or have a juvenile driver in your household and are paying for their auto insurance, you may want to find out if a Mississippi online traffic school or Mississippi driver improvement program will lower the insurance premiums you pay and prevent them from rising should a juvenile driver be obtain in a traffic violation.If you decide that an online traffic school or defensive driving program is not for you, you may also consider attending a traffic school program in a traditional classroom setting.Thankfully, the Mississippi legislature passed a law several years ago allowing all Mississippi drivers the opportunity to have a single traffic violation erased from their Mississippi driving record if they attend traffic school, including a Mississippi online traffic school, also known as an online defensive driving program.In addition, many Mississippi courts will consider reducing or dismissing your traffic violation for attending an online Mississippi traffic school or defensive driving program, depending on your Mississippi driving record and the severity of the current traffic violation.Each office will be able to explain to you how to pay your fee in the mail, online, or in person.Though you may need to wait up to two weeks before your citation is processed, the local Mississippi county clerk's office will provide you with a mailed ten-day notice of when your payment is due.Please consult with your Mississippi judge before registering so you don’t waste your time, or your money.Go To Traffic has grown into one of the country’s largest and most reputable providers of Mississippi online traffic school and Mississippi online defensive driving courses in Mississippi because we are capable of offering our customers the best prices on the market.To find out if the brick and mortar traffic school you are interested in will qualify, you should simply contact your local Mississippi county clerk's office, or call the local Department of Public Safety office for a list of pre-approved Mississippi traffic schools and defensive driving programs.The Go To Traffic Mississippi online driver improvement course will accept payment in the form of credit card or online check, or you may mail a check or money order.


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