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Accomodating utilities

The yacht is designed to enjoy the 360 degree view of the breath taking scenery which definitely complements the beauty of the Maldives.

Maldive Mosaique is built with four categories of rooms: the 4 Cruiser Cabins located , 2 Cruiser Suites on the lower level, 4 Sea Breeze Balcony Rooms and the 1 Sky Light Suite located at the 3rd level.

Minimizing possible interference and impairment to the highway and its structures, providing a good appearance, and minimizing maintenance are covered in these guidelines.

These guidelines should be interpreted and applied to the extent consistent with State laws which give utilities the right to use or occupy highway right-of-way.

Among them, the 1190 small coral islands of the Maldivian archipelago are globally recognized for its seemingly endless ocean abundant with spectacular sea life.

Task Force on Geometric Design.; American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.;; Washington, D. : American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, ©1994.All utility installations made on highway right-of-way shall be subject to written approval by the State transportation department.However, such approval will not be required where so provided in the use and occupancy agreement for such matters as utility facility maintenance, installation of service connections on highways other than freeways, or emergency operations.The horizontal and vertical location requirements and clearances for the various types of utilities must be clearly stated.These must be adequate to ensure compliance with the clear roadside policies for the particular highway involved.However, in any case where the provisions of this part are to be cited as the basis for disapproving a utility's request to use and occupy highway right-of-way, measures must be provided to evaluate the direct and indirect environmental and economic effects of any loss of productive agricultural land or any impairment of the productivity of any agricultural land that would result from the disapproval.The environmental and economic effects on productive agricultural land together with the possible interference with or impairment of the use of the highway and the effect on highway safety must be considered in the decision to disapprove any proposal by a utility to use such highway right-of-way.As a result, the right-of-way of highways, particularly local roads and streets, is often used to provide public services to abutting residents as well as to serve conventional highway needs.The suite is located at the front on the 3rd level offering a mesmerizing panoramic 270 degree sky view.Compliance with applicable State laws and approved State transportation department utility accommodation policies must be assured.The responsible State transportation department's file must contain evidence of the written arrangements which set forth the terms under which utility facilities are to cross or otherwise occupy highway right-of-way.


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