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Yes, for only 0.00 a month, you can have an unskilled laborer put in 40 hours a month (at /hr with no overhead, apparently) into your online dating love life. Finally, the rich and lazy can just sit back and just marvel as their calendars magically fill up.

For this, you are guaranteed at least two dates per month, and years and years of bad karma. All your Virtual Dating Assistant has to do is talk to you for a half-hour on the phone, and he will then know enough about you to write your profile, your headline, a few “initial contact templates”, and all of the future emails that you’ll want to send to attract your future life partner.

Witness this site, which is a sign that the apocalypse is upon us. Essentially, the folks at Virtual Dating Assistants profess to do everything that I do as a dating coach – except instead of teaching you how to do it yourself – as I do, they do it for you!

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Read Review - Submit Review Elite Singles is an ideal option for mature, sophisticated daters looking for something a little more serious at this point in their lives.

Find chemistry with your new potential matches while sharing intriguing conversation.


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